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Volume Flow Rate Conversion Table

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Conversion Table: Flow Rate (volume)
Unit Name Relation to cubic meter/second [m3/s]
cubic foot/hour [ft3/hr] 7.865791E-6 [m3/s]
cubic foot/minute [ft3/min] 4.719474E-4 [m3/s]
cubic foot/second [ft3/s] 0.028316846592 [m3/s]
cubic inch/hour [in3/hr] 4.551962E-9 [m3/s]
cubic inch/minute [in3/min] 2.731177E-7 [m3/s]
cubic inch/second [in3/s] 1.638706E-5 [m3/s]
cubic meter/hour [m3/hr] 2.777778E-4 [m3/s]
cubic meter/minute [m3/min] 0.0166666666666667 [m3/s]
cubic meter/second [m3/s] 1 [m3/s]
cubic mile/hour [mi3/hr] 1.157828E+6 [m3/s]
cubic mile/minute [mi3/min] 6.94697E+7 [m3/s]
cubic mile/second [mi3/s] 4.168182E+9 [m3/s]
cubic yard/hour [yd3/hr] 2.123763E-4 [m3/s]
cubic yard/minute [yd3/min] 0.0127425809664 [m3/s]
cubic yard/second [yd3/s] 0.764554857984 [m3/s]
gallon/hour [gal/hr][imperial] 1.262803E-6 [m3/s]
gallon/hour [gal/hr][US, dry] 1.223579E-6 [m3/s]
gallon/hour [gal/hr][US, fluid] 1.051503E-6 [m3/s]
gallon/minute [gal/min][imperial] 7.576817E-5 [m3/s]
gallon/minute [gal/min][US, dry] 7.341473E-5 [m3/s]
gallon/minute [gal/min][US, fluid] 6.30902E-5 [m3/s]
gallon/second [gal/s][US, dry] 0.00440488377086 [m3/s]
gallon/second [gal/s][US, fluid] 0.003785411784 [m3/s]
gallon/second [gal/s][imperial] 0.00454609 [m3/s]
gill/hour [gal/hr][imperial] 3.946259E-8 [m3/s]
gill/hour [gal/hr][US] 3.285948E-8 [m3/s]
gill/minute [gal/min][US] 1.971569E-6 [m3/s]
gill/minute [gal/min][imperial] 2.367755E-6 [m3/s]
gill/second [gal/s][US] 1.182941E-4 [m3/s]
gill/second [gal/s][imperial] 1.420653E-4 [m3/s]
liter/hour [l/hr] 2.777778E-7 [m3/s]
liter/minute [l/min] 1.666667E-5 [m3/s]
liter/second [l/s] 0.001 [m3/s] © 2022 | Contact us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Yellow Sparks Network
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