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Density Conversion Table

Base units are marked in black.
Derived units are marked in gray
Conversion Table: Density
Unit Name Relation to kilogram/cubic meter [kg/m3]
grain/barrel [imperial] 3.95938E-4 [kg/m3]
grain/barrel [US fluid] 5.434305E-4 [kg/m3]
grain/bushel [imperial] 0.00178172094041253 [kg/m3]
grain/bushel [US dry] 0.00183883711156778 [kg/m3]
grain/cubic foot [gr/ft3] 0.00228835191056573 [kg/m3]
grain/cubic inch [gr/in3] 3.95427210145759 [kg/m3]
grain/cubic meter [gr/m3] 6.479891E-5 [kg/m3]
grain/cubic millimeter 6.479891E+4 [kg/m3]
grain/cubic centimeter 64.79891 [kg/m3]
grain/cubic kilometer 6.479891E-14 [kg/m3]
grain/cubic mile [gr/mi3] 1.554609E-14 [kg/m3]
grain/cubic yard [gr/yd3] 8.475377E-5 [kg/m3]
grain/fluid ounce [gr/fl oz][imperial, fliud] 2.28060280372804 [kg/m3]
grain/fluid ounce [gr/fl oz][US, fliud] 2.19111181379468 [kg/m3]
grain/gallon [gr/gal][imperial] 0.0142537675233002 [kg/m3]
grain/gallon [gr/gal][US fluid] 0.0171180610452709 [kg/m3]
grain/liter [gr/l] 0.06479891 [kg/m3]
grain/milliliter 64.79891 [kg/m3]
grain/centiliter 6.479891 [kg/m3]
gram/barrel [imperial] 0.00611025689719688 [kg/m3]
kilogram/barrel 6.11025689719688 [kg/m3]
gram/barrel [US fluid] 0.00838641436057614 [kg/m3]
kilogram/barrel 8.38641436057614 [kg/m3]
gram/bushel [imperial] 0.027496156037386 [kg/m3]
kilogram/bushel 27.496156037386 [kg/m3]
gram/bushel [US dry] 0.0283775932584017 [kg/m3]
kilogram/bushel 28.3775932584017 [kg/m3]
gram/cubic foot [g/ft3] 0.0353146667214886 [kg/m3]
kilogram/cubic foot 35.3146667214886 [kg/m3]
gram/cubic inch [g/in3] 61.0237440947323 [kg/m3]
kilogram/cubic inch 6.102374E+4 [kg/m3]
gram/cubic meter [g/m3] 0.001 [kg/m3]
kilogram/cubic millimeter 1E+9 [kg/m3]
kilogram/cubic centimeter 1E+6 [kg/m3]
kilogram/cubic meter [kg/m3] 1 [kg/m3]
kilogram/cubic kilometer 1E-9 [kg/m3]
gram/cubic millimeter 1E+6 [kg/m3]
gram/cubic centimeter 1000 [kg/m3]
gram/cubic kilometer 1E-12 [kg/m3]
gram/cubic mile [g/mi3] 2.399128E-13 [kg/m3]
kilogram/cubic mile 2.399128E-10 [kg/m3]
gram/cubic yard [g/yd3] 0.00130795061931439 [kg/m3]
kilogram/cubic yard 1.30795061931439 [kg/m3]
gram/fluid ounce [g/fl oz][imperial, fliud] 35.195079727854 [kg/m3]
kilogram/fluid ounce 3.519508E+4 [kg/m3]
gram/fluid ounce [g/fl oz][US, fliud] 33.814022701843 [kg/m3]
kilogram/fluid ounce 3.381402E+4 [kg/m3]
gram/gallon [g/gal][imperial] 0.219969248299088 [kg/m3]
kilogram/gallon 219.969248299088 [kg/m3]
gram/gallon [g/gal][US fluid] 0.264172052358148 [kg/m3]
kilogram/gallon 264.172052358148 [kg/m3]
gram/liter [g/l] 1 [kg/m3]
gram/milliliter 1000 [kg/m3]
gram/centiliter 100 [kg/m3]
kilogram/milliliter 1E+6 [kg/m3]
kilogram/centiliter 1E+5 [kg/m3]
kilogram/liter 1000 [kg/m3]
ounce/barrel [avoirdupois, imperial] 0.173222869206774 [kg/m3]
ounce/barrel [avoirdupois, US fluid] 0.237750847850985 [kg/m3]
ounce/bushel [avoirdupois, imperial] 0.779502911430482 [kg/m3]
ounce/bushel [avoirdupois, US dry] 0.804491236310904 [kg/m3]
ounce/cubic foot [oz/ft3][avoirdupois] 1.00115396087251 [kg/m3]
ounce/cubic inch [oz/in3][avoirdupois] 1729.9940443877 [kg/m3]
ounce/cubic meter [oz/m3][avoirdupois] 0.028349523125 [kg/m3]
ounce/cubic mile [oz/mi3][avoirdupois] 6.801412E-12 [kg/m3]
ounce/cubic yard [oz/yd3][avoirdupois] 0.0370797763286114 [kg/m3]
ounce/fluid ounce [oz/fl oz][avoirdupois, imperial] 997.763726631017 [kg/m3]
ounce/fluid ounce [oz/fl oz][avoirdupois, US fliud] 958.611418535173 [kg/m3]
ounce/gallon [oz/gal][avoirdupois, imperial] 6.23602329144386 [kg/m3]
ounce/gallon [oz/gal][avoirdupois, US fluid] 7.48915170730604 [kg/m3]
ounce/liter [oz/l][avoirdupois] 28.349523125 [kg/m3]
ounce/milliliter 2.834952E+4 [kg/m3]
ounce/centiliter 2834.9523125 [kg/m3]
pound/barrel [avoirdupois, imperial] 2.77156590730838 [kg/m3]
pound/barrel [avoirdupois, US fluid] 3.80401356561577 [kg/m3]
pound/barrel [metric, imperial] 3.05512844859844 [kg/m3]
pound/barrel [metric, US fluid] 4.19320718028807 [kg/m3]
pound/bushel [metric, imperial] 13.748078018693 [kg/m3]
pound/bushel [avoirdupois, imperial] 12.4720465828877 [kg/m3]
pound/cubic foot [lb/ft3][avoirdupois] 16.0184633739601 [kg/m3]
pound/cubic foot [lb/ft3][metric] 17.6573333607443 [kg/m3]
pound/cubic inch [lb/in3][metric] 3.051187E+4 [kg/m3]
pound/cubic inch [lb/in3][avoirdupois] 2.76799E+4 [kg/m3]
pound/cubic meter [lb/m3][avoirdupois] 0.45359237 [kg/m3]
pound/cubic millimeter 4.535924E+8 [kg/m3]
pound/cubic centimeter 4.535924E+5 [kg/m3]
pound/cubic kilometer 4.535924E-10 [kg/m3]
pound/cubic meter [lb/m3][metric] 0.5 [kg/m3]
pound/cubic millimeter 5E+8 [kg/m3]
pound/cubic centimeter 5E+5 [kg/m3]
pound/cubic kilometer 5E-10 [kg/m3]
pound/cubic mile [lb/mi3][metric] 1.199564E-10 [kg/m3]
pound/cubic mile [lb/mi3][avoirdupois] 1.088226E-10 [kg/m3]
pound/cubic yard [lb/yd3][avoirdupois] 0.593276421257783 [kg/m3]
pound/cubic yard [lb/yd3][metric] 0.653975309657196 [kg/m3]
pound/fluid ounce [lb/fl oz][metric, imperial] 1.759754E+4 [kg/m3]
pound/fluid ounce [lb/fl oz][metric, US fliud] 1.690701E+4 [kg/m3]
pound/fluid ounce [lb/fl oz][avoirdupois, imperial] 1.596422E+4 [kg/m3]
pound/fluid ounce [lb/fl oz][avoirdupois, US fliud] 1.533778E+4 [kg/m3]
pound/gallon [lb/gal][avoirdupois, imperial] 99.7763726631017 [kg/m3]
pound/gallon [lb/gal][avoirdupois, US fluid] 119.826427316897 [kg/m3]
pound/gallon [lb/gal][metric, imperial] 109.984624149544 [kg/m3]
pound/gallon [lb/gal][metric US fluid] 132.086026179074 [kg/m3]
pound/liter [lb/l][metric] 500 [kg/m3]
pound/milliliter 5E+5 [kg/m3]
pound/centiliter 5E+4 [kg/m3]
pound/liter [lb/l][avoirdupois] 453.59237 [kg/m3]
pound/milliliter 4.535924E+5 [kg/m3]
pound/centiliter 4.535924E+4 [kg/m3]
ton/barrel [imperial] 6110.25689719688 [kg/m3]
ton/barrel [US fluid] 8386.41436057614 [kg/m3]
ton/bushel [imperial] 2.749616E+4 [kg/m3]
ton/bushel [US dry] 2.837759E+4 [kg/m3]
ton/cubic foot [t/ft3] 3.531467E+4 [kg/m3]
ton/cubic inch [t/in3] 6.102374E+7 [kg/m3]
ton/cubic meter [t/m3] 1000 [kg/m3]
ton/cubic millimeter 1E+12 [kg/m3]
ton/cubic centimeter 1E+9 [kg/m3]
ton/cubic kilometer 1E-6 [kg/m3]
ton/cubic mile [t/mi3] 2.399128E-7 [kg/m3]
ton/cubic yard [t/yd3] 1307.95061931439 [kg/m3]
ton/fluid ounce [t/fl oz][imperial fliud] 3.519508E+7 [kg/m3]
ton/fluid ounce [t/fl oz][US fliud] 3.381402E+7 [kg/m3]
ton/gallon [t/gal][imperial] 2.199692E+5 [kg/m3]
ton/gallon [t/gal][US fluid] 2.641721E+5 [kg/m3]
ton/liter [oz/l] 1E+6 [kg/m3]
ton/milliliter 1E+9 [kg/m3]
ton/centiliter 1E+8 [kg/m3]
tonne/barrel [long, imperial] 6208.30763237077 [kg/m3]
tonne/barrel [long, US fluid] 8520.99038697931 [kg/m3]
tonne/bushel [long, US dry] 2.883297E+4 [kg/m3]
tonne/cubic foot [long] 3.588136E+4 [kg/m3]
tonne/cubic inch [long] 6.200299E+7 [kg/m3]
tonne/cubic meter [long] 1016.0469088 [kg/m3]
tonne/cubic millimeter 1.016047E+12 [kg/m3]
tonne/cubic centimeter 1.016047E+9 [kg/m3]
tonne/cubic kilometer 1.016047E-6 [kg/m3]
tonne/cubic mile [long] 2.437626E-7 [kg/m3]
tonne/cubic yard [long] 1328.93918361743 [kg/m3]
tonne/fluid ounce [long, imperial] 3.575985E+7 [kg/m3]
tonne/fluid ounce [long, US] 3.435663E+7 [kg/m3]
tonne/gallon [long, imperial] 2.234991E+5 [kg/m3]
tonne/gallon [long, US fluid] 2.684112E+5 [kg/m3]
tonne/liter [long] 1.016047E+6 [kg/m3]
tonne/milliliter 1.016047E+9 [kg/m3]
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