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Data Storage (with Binary Prefixes) Conversion Table

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Base units are marked in black.
Derived units are marked in gray
Conversion Table: Data Storage Converter (with Binary Prefixes)
Unit Name Relation to byte [B]
bit [b] 0.125 [B]
kibibit [Kib] 128 [B]
mebibit [Mib] 1.31072E+5 [B]
gibibit [Gib] 1.342177E+8 [B]
tebibit [Tib] 1.37439E+11 [B]
pebibit [Pib] 1.407375E+14 [B]
exbibit [Eib] 1.441152E+17 [B]
zebibit [Zib] 1.47574E+20 [B]
yobibit [Yib] 1.511157E+23 [B]
byte [B] 1 [B]
kibibyte [KiB] 1024 [B]
mebibyte [MiB] 1.048576E+6 [B]
gibibyte [GiB] 1.073742E+9 [B]
tebibyte [TiB] 1.099512E+12 [B]
pebibyte [PiB] 1.1259E+15 [B]
exbibyte [EiB] 1.152922E+18 [B]
zebibyte [ZiB] 1.180592E+21 [B]
yobibyte [YiB] 1.208926E+24 [B]
nibble 0.5 [B]
word 2 [B]
long word 4 [B] © 2022 | Contact us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Yellow Sparks Network
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