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Angle Conversion Table

Base units are marked in black.
Derived units are marked in gray
Conversion Table: Angle
Unit Name Relation to radian [rad]
angular mil [NATO] 9.817477E-4 [rad]
arc minute 2.908882E-4 [rad]
milliarc minute 2.908882E-7 [rad]
arc second 4.848137E-6 [rad]
milliarc second 4.848137E-9 [rad]
binary degree 0.0245436926061703 [rad]
binary radian 0.0245436926061703 [rad]
brad 0.0245436926061703 [rad]
circle 6.28318530717959 [rad]
cycle 6.28318530717959 [rad]
degree [°] 0.0174532925199433 [rad]
full circle 6.28318530717959 [rad]
full turn 6.28318530717959 [rad]
gon [grad] 0.015707963267949 [rad]
grad [grad] 0.015707963267949 [rad]
grade [grad] 0.015707963267949 [rad]
gradian [grad] 0.015707963267949 [rad]
half circle 3.14159265358979 [rad]
hour angle 0.26179938779915 [rad]
minute of arc [MOA] 2.908882E-4 [rad]
octant 0.785398163397449 [rad]
point 0.196349540849362 [rad]
quadrant 1.5707963267949 [rad]
radian [rad] 1 [rad]
revolution [rev] 6.28318530717959 [rad]
right angle 1.5707963267949 [rad]
rotation 6.28318530717959 [rad]
second of arc 4.848137E-6 [rad]
millisecond of arc 4.848137E-9 [rad]
sextant 1.0471975511966 [rad]
sign 0.523598775598299 [rad] © 2023 | Contact us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Yellow Sparks Network
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