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Kinematic Viscosity Conversion Table

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Conversion Table: Viscosity (Kinematic)
Unit Name Relation to square meter/second [m2/s]
square foot/hour [ft2/hr] 2.58064E-5 [m2/s]
square foot/minute [ft2/min] 0.001548384 [m2/s]
square foot/second [ft2/s] 0.09290304 [m2/s]
square inch/hour [in2/hr] 1.792111E-7 [m2/s]
square inch/minute [in2/min] 1.075267E-5 [m2/s]
square inch/second [in2/s] 6.4516E-4 [m2/s]
square meter/hour [m2/hr] 2.777778E-4 [m2/s]
square millimeter/hour 2.777778E-10 [m2/s]
square centimeter/hour 2.777778E-8 [m2/s]
square kilometer/hour 277.777777777778 [m2/s]
square meter/minute [m2/min] 0.0166666666666667 [m2/s]
square millimeter/minute 1.666667E-8 [m2/s]
square centimeter/minute 1.666667E-6 [m2/s]
square kilometer/minute 1.666667E+4 [m2/s]
square meter/second [m2/s] 1 [m2/s]
square millimeter/second 1E-6 [m2/s]
square centimeter/second 1E-4 [m2/s]
square kilometer/second 1E+6 [m2/s]
stoke [St] 1E-4 [m2/s] © 2022 | Contact us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Yellow Sparks Network
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