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Volume Conversion Table

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Base units are marked in black.
Derived units are marked in gray
Conversion Table: Volume
Unit Name Relation to cubic meter [m3]
acre foot [ac ft] 1233.48183754752 [m3]
acre inch [ac in] 102.79015312896 [m3]
bag 0.10910616 [m3]
barrel [imperial] 0.16365924 [m3]
barrel [petroleum] 0.158987294928 [m3]
barrel [US dry] 0.115628198985075 [m3]
barrel [US fluid] 0.119240471196 [m3]
beer gallon 0.004621152048 [m3]
board foot [ftm] 0.002359737216 [m3]
breakfast cup 2.841306E-4 [m3]
bucket [bkt][imperial] 0.01818436 [m3]
bushel [imperial] 0.03636872 [m3]
bushel [bu][US dry heaped] 0.0440488377086 [m3]
bushel [bu][US dry level] 0.03523907016688 [m3]
butt 0.476961884784 [m3]
coomb 0.14547488 [m3]
cord [firewood] 3.624556363776 [m3]
cord foot 0.453069545472 [m3]
cubic fathom [fm3] 6.116438863872 [m3]
cubic foot [ft3] 0.028316846592 [m3]
cubic inch [in3] 1.638706E-5 [m3]
cubic meter [m3] 1 [m3]
cubic millimeter [mm3] 1E-9 [m3]
cubic centimeter [cm3] 1E-6 [m3]
cubic kilometer [km3] 1E+9 [m3]
cubic mile [mi3] 4.168182E+9 [m3]
cubic yard [yd3] 0.764554857984 [m3]
cup [Canada] 2.273045E-4 [m3]
cup [metric] 2.5E-4 [m3]
cup [US] 2.365882E-4 [m3]
dash [imperial] 3.699618E-7 [m3]
dash [US] 3.080576E-7 [m3]
dessertspoon [imperial] 1.183878E-5 [m3]
diesel [1 metric ton] 1.17647058823529 [m3]
displacement ton 0.99108963072 [m3]
dram [fl dr][imperial, fluid] 3.551633E-6 [m3]
dram [fl dr][US, fluid] 3.696691E-6 [m3]
drop [imperial] 9.865647E-8 [m3]
drop [imperial alt] 7.788668E-8 [m3]
drop [medical] 8.333333E-8 [m3]
drop [metric] 5E-8 [m3]
drop [US] 8.214869E-8 [m3]
drop [US alt] 6.485423E-8 [m3]
fifth 7.570824E-4 [m3]
firkin 0.034068706056 [m3]
fluid dram [fl dr][imperial] 3.551633E-6 [m3]
fluid dram [fl dr][US] 3.696691E-6 [m3]
fluid ounce [fl oz][imperial] 2.841306E-5 [m3]
fluid ounce [fl oz][US] 2.957353E-5 [m3]
fluid scruple [fl s][imperial] 1.183878E-6 [m3]
freight ton 1.13267386368 [m3]
gallon [gal][imperial] 0.00454609 [m3]
gallon [gal][US dry] 0.00440488377086 [m3]
gallon [fl gal][US fluid] 0.003785411784 [m3]
gallon [gal][Canada] 0.0045424941408 [m3]
gill [gi][imperial] 1.420653E-4 [m3]
gill [gi][US] 1.182941E-4 [m3]
hogshead [imperial] 0.32731848 [m3]
hogshead [US] 0.238480942392 [m3]
jigger 4.436029E-5 [m3]
kilderkin 0.08182962 [m3]
lambda [λ] 1E-9 [m3]
last 2.9094976 [m3]
liter [l] 0.001 [m3]
litre [l] 0.001 [m3]
load 1.4158423296 [m3]
minim [min][imperial] 5.919388E-8 [m3]
minim [min][US] 6.161152E-8 [m3]
noggin 1.420653E-4 [m3]
ounce [fl oz][imperial, fluid] 2.841306E-5 [m3]
ounce [fl oz][US, fluid] 2.957353E-5 [m3]
pail 0.29094976 [m3]
peck [pk][imperial] 0.00909218 [m3]
peck [US dry] 0.00880976754172 [m3]
perch 0.700841953152 [m3]
petrol [1 metric ton] 1.38888888888889 [m3]
pinch [imperial] 7.399235E-7 [m3]
pinch [US] 6.161152E-7 [m3]
pint [pt][imperial] 5.682613E-4 [m3]
pint [pt][US dry] 5.506105E-4 [m3]
pint [fl pt][US fluid] 4.731765E-4 [m3]
pipe 0.476961884784 [m3]
pony 2.218015E-5 [m3]
pottle 0.002273045 [m3]
quart [qt][imperial] 0.0011365225 [m3]
quart [qt][US dry] 0.001101220942715 [m3]
quart [fl qt][US fluid] 9.463529E-4 [m3]
quarter 0.29094976 [m3]
quartern 0.002273045 [m3]
register ton 2.8316846592 [m3]
sack [imperial] 0.10910616 [m3]
sack [US] 0.10571721050064 [m3]
scruple [fl s][imperial, fluid] 1.183878E-6 [m3]
seam 0.28191256133504 [m3]
shot 2.957353E-5 [m3]
strike [imperial] 0.07273744 [m3]
strike [US] 0.07047814033376 [m3]
tablespoon [tbs or tbsp][Canada] 1.420653E-5 [m3]
tablespoon [tbs or tbsp][imperial] 1.775816E-5 [m3]
tablespoon [tbs or tbsp][metric] 1.5E-5 [m3]
tablespoon [tbs or tbsp][US] 1.478676E-5 [m3]
teaspoon [tsp][Canada] 4.73551E-6 [m3]
teaspoon [tsp][imperial] 5.919388E-6 [m3]
teaspoon [tsp][metric] 5E-6 [m3]
teaspoon [tsp][US] 4.928922E-6 [m3]
timber foot 0.028316846592 [m3]
tun 0.953923769568 [m3]
water ton 1.01832416 [m3]
wey [US] 1.4095628066752 [m3] © 2022 | Contact us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Yellow Sparks Network
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