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Time Conversion Table

Base units are marked in black.
Derived units are marked in gray
Conversion Table: Time
Unit Name Relation to second [s]
century 3.1536E+9 [s]
day 8.64E+4 [s]
decade 3.1536E+8 [s]
dog watch 7200 [s]
dog year 4.505143E+6 [s]
fortnight 1.2096E+6 [s]
helek 3.33333333333333 [s]
hour [hr] 3600 [s]
indiction 4.7304E+8 [s]
jiffy 0.0166666666666667 [s]
jiffy [alternate] 0.01 [s]
jubilee [Biblical] 1.5768E+9 [s]
lustrum 1.5768E+8 [s]
millennium 3.1536E+10 [s]
minute [min] 60 [s]
moment 90 [s]
month [28 days] 2.4192E+6 [s]
month [29 days] 2.5056E+6 [s]
month [30 days] 2.592E+6 [s]
month [31 days] 2.6784E+6 [s]
Olympiad 1.26144E+8 [s]
quarter [90 days] 7.776E+6 [s]
score 6.3072E+8 [s]
second [s] 1 [s]
millisecond 0.001 [s]
week 6.048E+5 [s]
year [365 days] 3.1536E+7 [s]
year [366 days, leap year] 3.16224E+7 [s]
year [tropical year] 3.155693E+7 [s]
year [Gregorian] 3.155695E+7 [s] © 2019 | Contact us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Yellow Sparks Network
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