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Pressure Conversion Table

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Base units are marked in black.
Derived units are marked in gray
Conversion Table: Pressure
Unit Name Relation to pascal [pa]
atmosphere [atm][standard] 1.01325E+5 [pa]
atmosphere [atm][technical] 9.80665E+4 [pa]
bar [b] 1E+5 [pa]
barye [CGS] 0.1 [pa]
foot of mercury [fthg] 4.063666E+4 [pa]
gram/square foot [gf/ft2] 0.105557902088026 [pa]
gram/square inch [gf/in2] 15.2003379006758 [pa]
gram/square meter [gf/m2] 0.00980665 [pa]
inch of mercury [inhg] 3386.388640341 [pa]
kip-force/square foot [kf/ft2] 4.788026E+4 [pa]
kip-force/square inch [ksi] 6.894757E+6 [pa]
kip-force/square meter [kf/m2] 4448.2216152605 [pa]
meter of mercury [mHg] 1.333224E+5 [pa]
pascal [pa] 1 [pa]
pi├Ęze [pz] 1000 [pa]
pound/square foot [psf] 47.8802589803358 [pa]
pound/square inch [psi] 6894.75729316836 [pa]
pound/square meter [pf/m3] 4.4482216152605 [pa]
poundal/square foot [pdl/ft2] 1.48816394356955 [pa]
poundal/square inch [pdl/in2] 214.295607874016 [pa]
poundal/square meter [pdl/m3] 0.138254954376 [pa]
pound-force/square foot [psf] 47.8802589803358 [pa]
pound-force/square inch [psi] 6894.75729316836 [pa]
pound-force/square meter [pf/m3] 4.4482216152605 [pa]
tonne/square foot [short] 9.576052E+4 [pa]
torr [torr] 133.322368421053 [pa] © 2022 | Contact us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Yellow Sparks Network
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