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Power Conversion Table

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Conversion Table: Power
Unit Name Relation to watt [joules/sec][W]
BTU/hour [BTU/hr][international] 0.293071070172222 [joules/sec][W]
BTU/hour [BTU/hr][ISO] 0.292916666666667 [joules/sec][W]
BTU/hour [BTU/hr][thermochemical] 0.292875073455556 [joules/sec][W]
BTU/minute [BTU/min][thermochemical] 17.5725044073333 [joules/sec][W]
BTU/minute [BTU/min][ISO] 17.575 [joules/sec][W]
BTU/minute [BTU/min][international] 17.5842642103333 [joules/sec][W]
BTU/second [BTU/s][international] 1055.05585262 [joules/sec][W]
BTU/second [BTU/s][ISO] 1054.5 [joules/sec][W]
BTU/second [BTU/s][thermochemical] 1054.35026444 [joules/sec][W]
calorie/hour [cal/hr][international] 0.001163 [joules/sec][W]
calorie/hour [cal/hr][thermochemical] 0.00116222222222222 [joules/sec][W]
calorie/minute [cal/min][thermochemical] 0.0697333333333333 [joules/sec][W]
calorie/minute [cal/min][international] 0.06978 [joules/sec][W]
calorie/second [cal/s][international] 4.1868 [joules/sec][W]
calorie/second [cal/s][thermochemical] 4.184 [joules/sec][W]
erg/hour [erg/hr] 2.777778E-11 [joules/sec][W]
erg/minute [erg/min] 1.666667E-9 [joules/sec][W]
erg/second [erg/s] 1E-7 [joules/sec][W]
foot pound/hour [ft lb/hr] 3.766161E-4 [joules/sec][W]
foot pound/minute [ft lb/min] 0.0225969658055233 [joules/sec][W]
foot pound/second [ft lb/s] 1.3558179483314 [joules/sec][W]
horsepower [hp][European electrical] 333.616621144537 [joules/sec][W]
horsepower [hp][imperial, electrical] 764 [joules/sec][W]
horsepower [hp][imperial, mechanical] 76.0402249068 [joules/sec][W]
horsepower [hp][metric] 735.49875 [joules/sec][W]
lucsec 1.333224E-4 [joules/sec][W]
newton meter/hour 2.777778E-11 [joules/sec][W]
newton meter/minute 1.666667E-9 [joules/sec][W]
newton meter/second 4.184 [joules/sec][W]
poncelet 980.665 [joules/sec][W]
volt ampere [VA][DC] 1 [joules/sec][W]
volt ampere [VA][AC, PF=90%] 0.9 [joules/sec][W]
volt ampere [VA][AC, PF=80%] 0.8 [joules/sec][W]
watt [joules/sec][W] 1 [joules/sec][W] © 2022 | Contact us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Yellow Sparks Network
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