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Molar Concentration Conversion Table

Base units are marked in black.
Derived units are marked in gray
Conversion Table: Concentration (molar)
Unit Name Relation to mole/cubic meter [mole/m3]
mole/(acre foot) [mol/ac ft] 8.107132E-4 [mole/m3]
mole/(acre inch) [mol/ac in] 0.00972855832547895 [mole/m3]
mole/barrel [imperial] 6.11025689719688 [mole/m3]
mole/barrel [US, dry] 8.6484093739891 [mole/m3]
mole/barrel [US, fluid] 8.38641436057614 [mole/m3]
mole/cubic foot [mol/ft3] 35.3146667214886 [mole/m3]
mole/cubic inch [mol/in3] 6.102374E+4 [mole/m3]
mole/cubic meter [mole/m3] 1 [mole/m3]
mole/cubic millimeter 1E+9 [mole/m3]
mole/cubic centimeter 1E+6 [mole/m3]
mole/cubic kilometer 1E-9 [mole/m3]
mole/cubic mile [mol/mi3] 2.399128E-10 [mole/m3]
mole/cubic yard [mol/yd3] 1.30795061931439 [mole/m3]
mole/cup [metric] 4000 [mole/m3]
mole/cup [Canada] 4399.38496598176 [mole/m3]
mole/cup [US] 4226.75283773037 [mole/m3]
mole/gallon [mol/gal][imperial] 219.969248299088 [mole/m3]
mole/gallon [mol/gal][US, dry] 227.020746067214 [mole/m3]
mole/gallon [mol/gal][US, fluid] 264.172052358148 [mole/m3]
mole/liter [mol/l] 1000 [mole/m3]
mole/ounce [mol/oz][imperial] 3.519508E+4 [mole/m3]
mole/ounce [mol/oz][US] 3.381402E+4 [mole/m3] © 2023 | Contact us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Yellow Sparks Network
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