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Mass Flow Rate Conversion Table

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Base units are marked in black.
Derived units are marked in gray
Conversion Table: Flow Rate (mass)
Unit Name Relation to kilogram/second [kg/s]
gram/hour [g/hr] 2.777778E-7 [kg/s]
gram/minute [g/min] 1.666667E-5 [kg/s]
gram/second [g/s] 0.001 [kg/s]
gram/millisecond 1 [kg/s]
kilogram/second [kg/s] 1 [kg/s]
kilogram/millisecond 1000 [kg/s]
pound/hour [lb/hour][avoirdupois] 1.259979E-4 [kg/s]
pound/hour [lb/hour][metric] 1.388889E-4 [kg/s]
pound/minute [lb/min][metric] 0.00833333333333333 [kg/s]
pound/minute [lb/min][avoirdupois] 0.00755987283333333 [kg/s]
pound/second [lb/s][avoirdupois] 0.45359237 [kg/s]
pound/millisecond 453.59237 [kg/s]
pound/second [lb/s][metric] 0.5 [kg/s]
pound/millisecond 500 [kg/s]
tonne/hour [short] 0.251995761111111 [kg/s]
tonne/hour [long] 0.282235252444444 [kg/s]
tonne/minute [long] 16.9341151466667 [kg/s]
tonne/minute [short] 15.1197456666667 [kg/s]
tonne/second [short] 907.18474 [kg/s]
tonne/second [long] 1016.0469088 [kg/s]
ton/hour [t/hour][metric] 0.277777777777778 [kg/s]
ton/minute [t/min][metric] 16.6666666666667 [kg/s]
ton/second [t/s][metric] 1000 [kg/s] © 2022 | Contact us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Yellow Sparks Network
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