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Mass Concentration Conversion Table

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Base units are marked in black.
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Conversion Table: Concentration (mass)
Unit Name Relation to kilogram/liter [kg/l]
grain/cubic meter [gr/m3] 6.479891E-8 [kg/l]
grain/gallon [gr/gal][imperial] 1.425377E-5 [kg/l]
grain/gallon [gr/gal][fluid] 1.711806E-5 [kg/l]
grain/gallon [gr/gal][dry] 1.47107E-5 [kg/l]
grain/liter [gr/l] 6.479891E-5 [kg/l]
gram/cubic meter [g/m3] 1E-6 [kg/l]
gram/liter [g/l] 0.001 [kg/l]
kilogram/liter [kg/l] 1 [kg/l]
parts per billion [ppb] 1E-9 [kg/l]
parts per million [ppm] 1E-6 [kg/l]
pound/cubic meter [lb/m3][avoirdupois] 4.535924E-4 [kg/l]
pound/cubic meter [lb/m3][metric] 5E-4 [kg/l]
pound/cubic meter [lb/m3][troy] 3.732417E-4 [kg/l]
pound/gallon [lb/gal][avoirdupois, imperial] 0.0997763726631017 [kg/l]
pound/gallon [lb/gal][avoirdupois, fluid US] 0.119826427316897 [kg/l]
pound/gallon [lb/gal][avoirdupois, dry US] 0.102974878247796 [kg/l] © 2022 | Contact us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Yellow Sparks Network
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