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Length/Distance Conversion Table

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Base units are marked in black.
Derived units are marked in gray
Conversion Table: Length/Distance
Unit Name Relation to meter [m]
ångström [Å] 1E-10 [m]
arm length 0.7 [m]
arpent length [Canada] 58.5216 [m]
astronomical unit [AU] 1.495979E+11 [m]
big point [bp][Adobe] 3.527778E-4 [m]
cable length [UK imperial] 185.3184 [m]
cable length [international] 185.2 [m]
cable length [US] 219.456 [m]
caliber 2.54E-4 [m]
chain [ch][Engineer, Ramsden's chain] 30.48 [m]
chain [ch][metric] 20 [m]
chain [ch][Survey, Gunter's chain] 20.1168 [m]
chi [China] 0.35814 [m]
click [US military] 1000 [m]
cubit 0.4572 [m]
didot point [Adobe] 3.527778E-4 [m]
didot point [Europe] 3.77E-4 [m]
digit [Europe] 0.019 [m]
douzième 1.88E-4 [m]
ell [ell][English] 1.143 [m]
em 3.527337E-4 [m]
fall [English] 6.858 [m]
fall [Scotland] 5.67 [m]
fathom [fth] 1.8288 [m]
fermi [fm] 1E-15 [m]
finger 0.022225 [m]
finger [cloth] 0.1143 [m]
fist 0.1 [m]
fod [Danish] 0.3141 [m]
foot [ft][international] 0.3048 [m]
foot [ft][US, survey] 0.304800609601219 [m]
football field [Canada] 100.584 [m]
football field [US] 91.44 [m]
furlong [fur] 201.168 [m]
gauge [standard] 1.435 [m]
goad 1.3716 [m]
hand 0.1016 [m]
heer [cloth] 73.152 [m]
inch [in][international] 0.0254 [m]
inch [in][US, survey] 0.025400051 [m]
klafter 1.8288 [m]
lap [international] 400 [m]
league [lea] 4828.032 [m]
li 500 [m]
light-second 2.997925E+8 [m]
light-year [l.y.] 9.46073E+15 [m]
ligne [French] 0.00225583333333333 [m]
ligne [Swiss] 0.002256 [m]
line 0.00211666666666667 [m]
linear foot [=foot] 0.3048 [m]
linear inch [=inch] 0.0254 [m]
linear meter [=meter] 1 [m]
linear yard [=yard] 0.9144 [m]
link [Gunter's, Surveyor's] 0.201168 [m]
link [Ramsden's, Engineer's] 0.3048 [m]
marathon 4.2195E+4 [m]
marathon [actual distance] 36.75 [m]
meile [Germany] 7532.5 [m]
meter [m] 1 [m]
millimeter [mm] 0.001 [m]
centimeter [cm] 0.01 [m]
kilometer [km] 1000 [m]
metre [m] 1 [m]
micron 1E-6 [m]
mil 2.54E-5 [m]
mile [mi][international] 1609.344 [m]
mile [mi][international nautical] 1852 [m]
mile [mi][UK nautical] 1853.184 [m]
mile [mi][US nautical] 1853.24866649733 [m]
mile [mi][US survey] 1609.34721869444 [m]
mile [Admiralty nautical] 1853.184 [m]
mile [Danish] 7532 [m]
mile [data] 1828.8 [m]
mile [Irish] 2048.256 [m]
mile [Scottish] 1807.3116 [m]
mile [Finnish] 1068.8 [m]
myriameter [mym] 10000 [m]
nail 0.05715 [m]
nanon 1E-9 [m]
pace [English] 1.524 [m]
pace [metric] 1.5 [m]
palm 0.0762 [m]
parsec [astronomy] 3.085674E+16 [m]
perch 5.0292 [m]
pica 0.00421751764217518 [m]
pie [Spain] 0.2786 [m]
point [Adobe] 3.527778E-4 [m]
point [English, US] 3.514598E-4 [m]
point [paper] 2.54E-5 [m]
point [metric] 3.75E-4 [m]
pouce [French] 0.02707 [m]
quadrant 1.000197E+7 [m]
quarter [horse racing] 402.336 [m]
ridge [Welsh] 6.1722 [m]
rod 5.0292 [m]
rood 3.7783 [m]
rope [rope] 6.096 [m]
sadzhen [Russia] 2.1336 [m]
span [cloth] 0.2286 [m]
tenth meter [Spain] 1E-10 [m]
thou 2.54E-5 [m]
toise [French1799] 1.949 [m]
toise [Switzerland] 1.8 [m]
twip [typographical] 1.763889E-5 [m]
yard [international] 0.9144 [m] © 2022 | Contact us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Yellow Sparks Network
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