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Illuminance Conversion Table

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Conversion Table: Illuminance
Unit Name Relation to lux [lx]
foot-candle [ft c] 10.746 [lx]
lumen/square foot [lm/ft2] 10.746 [lx]
lumen/square inch [lm/in2] 1550 [lx]
lumen/square meter [lm/m2] 1 [lx]
lumen/square millimeter 1E+6 [lx]
lumen/square centimeter 10000 [lx]
lumen/square kilometer 1E-6 [lx]
lux [lx] 1 [lx]
meter-candle [m c] 1 [lx]
nox 0.001 [lx]
phot 10000 [lx]
watt/square meter [W/m2] 683 [lx]
watt/square millimeter 6.83E+8 [lx]
watt/square centimeter 6.83E+6 [lx]
watt/square kilometer 6.83E-4 [lx] © 2022 | Contact us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Yellow Sparks Network
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