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Electrical Conductance Conversion Table

Base units are marked in black.
Derived units are marked in gray
Conversion Table: Electrical Conductance
Unit Name Relation to siemens [S]
abmho 1E+9 [S]
absiemens 1E+9 [S]
ampere/volt [A/V] 1 [S]
ampere/millivolt 1000 [S]
ampere/kilovolt 0.001 [S]
ampere/megavolt 1E-6 [S]
milliampere/millivolt 1 [S]
milliampere/volt 0.001 [S]
milliampere/kilovolt 1E-6 [S]
milliampere/megavolt 1E-9 [S]
kiloampere/millivolt 1E+6 [S]
kiloampere/volt 1000 [S]
kiloampere/kilovolt 1 [S]
kiloampere/megavolt 0.001 [S]
megaampere/millivolt 1E+9 [S]
megaampere/volt 1E+6 [S]
megaampere/kilovolt 1000 [S]
megaampere/megavolt 1 [S]
mho 1 [S]
millimho 0.001 [S]
kilomho 1000 [S]
megamho 1E+6 [S]
siemens [S] 1 [S]
statmho 1.11265E-12 [S]
statsiemens 1.11265E-12 [S] © 2023 | Contact us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Yellow Sparks Network
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