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Area of a Rectangle

A quadrilateral is a called rectangle, if it is a parallelogram and each angle measures 90 degrees.

A rectangle is a four sided and closed figure. In a rectangle all opposite sides are parallel and equal. Also in a rectangle all the adjacent sides are perpendicular.  

A rectangle is a quadrilateral and also a parallelogram.

Let us consider a rectangle with length x units and width y units.

Area of the above rectangle = L × W


Example 1: Given a rectangle where the length is 5cm and the width is 3cm. Find the area of this rectangle.

Solution: To calculate the area, we can use the formula for the area of a rectangle:

A = L×W

Since the length is given as 5cm, we can substitute L with 5. Similarly, since the width is given as 3cm, we can substitute W with 3. After doing so, we can calculate A, as shown below:


A = L×W

A = 3×5

A = 15


Now, the calculated number 15 only has a meaning if we include the unit for it. Since the given length and width are in cm, the unit for area will be cm2. Hence:

A = 15 cm2


Example 2: Find the area of the garden, length and width of the garden are respectively 600m and 400m.


Area of garden = Length×Width

A = L×W

A = 600×400

A = 240000 m2


Example 3: A white paper has a size of length 20 cm and width 15 cm. Jack has drawn a rectangle in the center of the paper which is 10 cm in length and 5 cm in width and painted the entire rectangle in violet color. Find the area of the violet colored portion and area of white portion.  

Solution: We know that area of a rectangle is length × width.

Here the given paper has the shape of a rectangle.

So the area of the paper is = 20cm x 15cm = 300cm².

And the area of the violet colored rectangle = 10cm x 5cm = 50cm².

So the area of the white portion = 300cm² - 50cm² = 250cm².


Example 4: The length of a rectangular shaped garden is 250 meters and then the width of the garden is 175 meters. Find the area of the rectangular garden.

Solution: The length of the garden = 250 meter

The width of the garden = 175 meter

Area of the rectangular garden = 250 x 175

                                              = 43,750 m2


Example 5: In an auditorium the floor is covered with a rectangular carpet, which is measured 9 m in length and 6 m in width. Calculate the area of the rectangle carpet.


Given that, length (L) of carpet =9m and Breadth of a carpet (W) =6m

Area of rectangle = length Breadth

Area = L × W = 9 × 6 = 54 m2

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