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Chemical Reactions

There are many different kinds of chemical reactions, on this page we have gathered some of the most common reaction types.

Acid-base Reaction
When it is a chemical reaction between an acid and a base, we call it an acid-base reaction. For example:

HCl + NaOH  → H2O +  NaCl

Chemical Decomposition

When a chemical compound is separated into elements or smaller compounds, we call it a chemical decomposition: For example:

MCO3  → MO + CO2

Combusting Reaction

When anything burns, it is actually a combusting reaction. We call this kind of reaction where O2 is involved, a combusting reaction. For example:

2Mg + O2  → 2MgO + Heat

Metathesis Reaction
When compounds in a chemical reaction exchange their partner we call it a metathesis reaction. For example:

NaCl(aq) + AgNO3(aq) = AgCl(s) + NaNO3(aq)

Organic Reaction
When organic compounds are involved in a chemical reaction, we call this kind of reaction, a organic reaction. A organic compound is any compound that contains carbon. For example:

C6H10(l) + Br2(aq)  →  C6H10Br2(l)

Redox Reaction
When two chemical species exchange or transfer electrons between them in a chemical reaction, it is called a redox reaction or oxidation-reduction reaction. For example:

Fe2O3 + 3CO  → 2Fe + 3CO2

Reversible Reaction
When the chemical reaction proceeds in both directions, we call it a reversible reaction. For example:

N2 + 3H ↔ 2NH3

Single Displacement Reaction
When an element displaces or replaces another in a chemical reaction, we call it a single displacement reaction or single replacement reaction. For example:

Zn + 2HCl → ZnCl2 + H2

Synthesis Reaction
When two or more elements/compounds are bonded to produce a single product, it is called a synthesis reaction. For example:

H2 + O → H2O © 2024 | Contact us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Yellow Sparks Network
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