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Biology and Living Organism


Biology is a study of life or living organism. It is a branch of natural science and subdivided in different braches like plant biology (botany), animal biology (Zoology), microbiology, molecular biology, cytology, physiology etc. The field of biology is very vast and touches us closely in our day to day life. Problems related to health are increasing day by day and biology is the only scope to fight against that. Biology can help in development of drugs against diseases, in development of foodstuff verities, maintenance of environment, controlling pollution and such other activities.

An organism is defined as any neighboring living system which is to be alive and performs various functions like growth, movement, reproduction, respiration, nutrition and excretion. A living organism is classified in various groups according to their structure similarities and differences. Organisms having similar characteristics are placed in one group and these groups are again subdivided into Kingdom, Division, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species. The kingdom is the largest group of living organism and the species is the smallest group of living organism.

A scientist Whittakar has proposed a five kingdom system of classification for living organism. These five kingdom system includes – Prokaryota, Protista, Fungi, Metaphyta and Metazoa. This system is based on complex nature of cell structure, body organization, evolution of cell and mode of nutrition. Organisms are also classified based on three types of system – Artificial system, Natural system and Phylogenic system.

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