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Le Chatelier Principle

At chemical equilibrium state, when pressure, temperature or number of moles of components change, then the net results of reaction change, this is called as Le Châtelier principle.

Ammonia is formed by reaction of hydrogen and nitrogen and the reaction is reversible.

N2 + 3H22NH3

Here forward reaction evolved heat and is called as exothermic reaction, whereas reverse reaction absorbs heat and is called as endothermic reaction. It the temperature of equilibrium mixture of hydrogen, nitrogen and ammonia is increased, then the reaction which absorbs heat will be favored and ammonia is decomposed.

N2 + 3H22NH3

When ammonia is formed, the volume of reactants decreased, hence increased in pressure will favor the formation of ammonia

Concentration of reagents:
2NO + O22NO2

When more number of NO or O2 is added, the equilibrium shifts to the right producing more number of NO2
When more no of NO
2 is added, the equilibrium shifts to the left producing more number of NO and O2. © 2024 | Contact us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Yellow Sparks Network
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