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Plant Biology - Classification

Plant Biology
Plant - a living organism - is immobile and having autotrophic mode of nutrition. The first level of classification among plants depends on whether the plant body has well differentiated, distinct components. The next level of classification is based on whether the differentiated plant body has special tissues for the transport of water and other substances within it. Further classification is based on the ability to bear seeds and whether the seeds are enclosed within fruits.

Self study:

Example-1: Plants with well differentiated reproductive tissues that make seeds are called ……………
a)  Cryptogamae

b)  Phanerogams
c)  Porifera
d)  Coelenterata

Answer: Plant that makes seeds are called Phanerogams.

Example-2: A plant with seeds having a single cotyledon is called …………
a)  Monocots
b)  Dicots
c)  Tricots
d)  None

Answer: Plants with single cotyledon is called monocots.

Example-3: Match the following.

Gymnosperms Organs with spores
Angiosperms No root, no stem and no leaves
Pteridophyta Seeds with cover
Thallophyta Seeds without cover

Gymnosperms Seeds without cover
Angiosperms Seeds with cover
Pteridophyta Organs with spores
Thallophyta No root, no stem and no leaves © 2024 | Contact us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Yellow Sparks Network
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